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...nd 107 on different programs, but i know the song should be 85.. any tips on how to make sure they're on time?
... the first time the program is run ([b]no more than 30 seconds[/b]). the only requirement is that you use samples from the [url=http
...t would be the best programs i could get to begin with? thank you for any help
do a good deed, help an ubernewb out. hello board users, i ask you this (humbly). what is a good "basic" music creation program to let m...
songwriters and producers - 3 step program i was thinking. while the contest is on it would be a good time to try something new. here's m...
absynth? good buy or no? hey, well i'm looking for a program/plugin that can give me a wide range different ambient synths and distort...
what's a better program? djlang just went down the protools road. a little crazy but nice. i'm looking to try some other music softwar...
...more screenings are programmed for late 2006 and early 2007 in santiago, chile; argentina; lake county,usa; and the media art bienna
string program? does anyone know of a string simulation program that can create violin/viola/cello sounds that can be manipulated?
...ts? samplers? synth programs? let me know!
... them up in another program - then decide if its appropriate for what i am working on. would there be a way to implement a flash
audio mixing programs (free & open source) hi all, in case you are looking for some free and open source audio programs to use with cr...
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