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Sleep Deprivation
by texasradiofish
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Sat, Mar 23, 2024 @ 11:13 PM
permalink   Sun, Mar 24, 2024 @ 8:26 AM
Great bass line driving everything along. You’ve got the vocal sitting perfectly in the mix with everything around it supporting the performance
permalink   texasradiofish Sun, Mar 24, 2024 @ 9:16 PM
Quote: Radioontheshelfvocal sitting perfectly in the mix

Running an instance of the Soothe2 plugin on the instrument bus and sidechaining the vocal track to that instance of the instrument bus Soothe2 plugin can improve a vocal’s fit in the mix.
permalink   Mon, Mar 25, 2024 @ 8:40 AM
THAT BASS !! it gave me a memorymusic recall of Chameleon by Herbie Hancock !!
permalink   Tue, Mar 26, 2024 @ 9:30 AM
Right on, good to hear coruscate in a hip hop mix :)