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Reviews for "Making Me Nervous (Minor Annoyance/cfxmix)"

permalink   Tue, Sep 4, 2007 @ 6:09 PM
“Light dance” is a good description. I like the way this mix does what it sets out to do so directly, with the basic beats supplemented by little ‘panned-in’ this or that. The little background vocal loop repeats too often for me, although I’d have to go back to the original to see if that’s invention or in the original.

I like the synth line at 1:30, kinda old-fashioned and fun.

Although the song has some nice mini-breaks, I’d like to hear an extended bubbling synth break here, like one of those Moroder songs gone astray. It might have also been fun to have a tempo increase, although I understand you were out to do a more “straight” version. This one is a good listen, and the timing sounds good to my not-particularly-precision-attuned ears.