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Ocean Dreamers
by Robert Warrington
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Sat, Nov 25, 2023 @ 3:21 PM
permalink   Sun, Nov 26, 2023 @ 4:08 AM
Excellent transitions and vocal associations make for a rewarding listening experience.
permalink   Robert Warrington Wed, Nov 29, 2023 @ 12:36 PM
A much appreciated comment, especially coming from a master of transitions!
permalink   Sun, Nov 26, 2023 @ 12:04 PM
Fantastically chill track, I got B-52s vibes in parts and then boom, into Jack Dangers!
Change-ups work perfectly — love the contrast of changes :)
permalink   Robert Warrington Wed, Nov 29, 2023 @ 12:55 PM
Although it wasn’t a conscious intention I know exactly what you mean by that. Such a nice way of putting it and what a generous compliment.
Kara Square
permalink   Fri, Dec 1, 2023 @ 5:41 AM
What fun this is! There was something magical about that project and I’m so glad you belatedly joined in. And Speck nailed it… your transitions are seamless and all of the parts make this piece highly engaging. Thank you for the include.
permalink   Robert Warrington Sat, Dec 2, 2023 @ 2:14 PM
I know I’m not the most prolific or timely of contributors but the site’s still important to me. Always love your input.
permalink   Sat, Dec 16, 2023 @ 9:06 AM
Thanks for sharing and being part of this special event. There is no timeline when it comes to creativity. I appreciate how you put together the various pieces into a dynamic quilt of tone and sound. Excellent transitions as mentioned above. Thank you for including me. Bravo!
permalink   Robert Warrington Mon, Dec 18, 2023 @ 10:43 AM
Thank you so much Susan. It was a privilege to sample these uploads.
permalink   Sun, Dec 17, 2023 @ 4:11 AM
permalink   Robert Warrington Mon, Dec 18, 2023 @ 12:42 PM
Thank you guys.