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Calling All Sirens

uploaded: Thu, May 20, 2021 @ 4:54 PM last modified: Thu, May 20, 2021 @ 5:17 PM  (add)
byKara Square
FeaturingWhale Wizard (Oscar Frey)
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I pretended I was a whale and I sang. I sang from a guttural, primal place. Call and response with the whales. It felt real and raw. It felt cathartic. And even healing.

Now… I invite all sirens… all ccMixter vocalists… to join me and the whales… come SING with us! Do you accept this vocal challenge?

As Oscar Frey says: Dive into it!

THANK YOU to Spinningmerkaba for this idea. It was a beautiful experience. And now… the challenge has been ignited.

In the zip, you’ll find my vocals with and without fx. The vocals line up perfectly with Oscar Frey’s “Pure Positive Meditation - Whale Song.” You’ll also find the rhodes melody that I played along to the whale chorus. The MIDI file for the rhodes is included.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocals

  • /Kara Square - Calling All Sirens (Vocals)/Vocals DRY.wav (28.55MB)
  • /Kara Square - Calling All Sirens (Vocals)/Vocals with FX.wav (28.55MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Rhodes

  • /Kara Square - Calling All Sirens (Rhodes)/Rhodes MIDI.mid (7.95KB)
  • /Kara Square - Calling All Sirens (Rhodes)/Rhodes Tremolo.wav (29.90MB)

"Calling All Sirens"
by Kara Square

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