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Thu, Aug 16, 2007 @ 8:07 PM

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permalink   Thu, Aug 16, 2007 @ 8:38 PM
Uh….I’m confused - why would I be offended? I really thought the point of this site was to see what all of us coming together can come up with. Trust me, ROSSI - I’m good! Plus this take is so outside of what I’m used to that I’m totally trippin’ on this mix of yours! I Likes, I likes!!! This is SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO out! HAHAHAHA! Keep on wit’ tha keep on, Sirrah!!!!
permalink   ROSSI Thu, Aug 16, 2007 @ 8:58 PM
Thanks bro, I guess what I meant was I read some of the other reviews of the mixes to your song and it seems as though your into a more soulful groove, I just wanted to make sure my mix did the song justice. You see, there’s been a few mainstream artists in the house music scene that have produced similar tracks to this one and I’ve been dying to try my hand at it, of course up until about a week ago I didn’t know this site exsited and I don’t know anyone that can sing and write like yourself. So naturally, when I heard your song I new I had found my a capella, glad you enjoyed it! :)
permalink   Sat, Aug 18, 2007 @ 8:10 AM
Hey Rossi,If there is one thing i have learned over time then there is no such thing as the ultimate mix.

I started mixing online about two years ago and felt pretty intimidated by the competition i heard.

But it turned out that while i was getting flamed for one reason , another audience developed and supported me.

What’s great is that you are moving away from your zone and trying new things.

Never underestimate your results. The whole principle of the remix is to develop a song for a new audience.

No one, absoloutley no one, has the lead on any of this. Keep experimenting , learning , mixing and uploading your stuff.

Good job

permalink   ROSSI Sat, Aug 18, 2007 @ 9:08 AM
Thanks for the words of encouragement LS :) Couldn’t agree with you more on your theory of a remix.
permalink   Fri, Aug 17, 2007 @ 1:19 PM
Wow that’s fast. I think it works though because it’s equally hard.

Listen to this and then to oldDog’s remix. CRAZY.
permalink   Sun, Aug 19, 2007 @ 5:15 PM
I could easily imagine hearing this in a club, well done dude.
permalink   Fri, Aug 24, 2007 @ 8:30 AM
Wow..Cool take on this. It’s good to see frank getting a lot of love on this site. Different but just as cool as some of the best mixes on this site.
permalink   Tue, Jan 29, 2008 @ 4:57 PM
Awesome mix!

In fact, with the effects you added to the voice, the pretty extreme sound-stretching sounds very very cool! (it seems the time-stretching artifacts add to the natural tremolo in the voice)