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Reviews left by illusivemind

Sun, Nov 30 5:19 PM illusivemind review of eSSEN11 by zikweb
Nice downtempo, mournful yet progressive track.
Fri, May 16 7:18 AM illusivemind review of Deep In Ya Self (Remix) by Abhi S.V.
Very nice, I like what you did with this. A powerful beat and bass reinforces th...
Fri, May 16 7:12 AM illusivemind review of Take a Deep Breath by Alan Lu
I agree the addition the guitar gives it that nice 'wow' factor that makes a tra...
Fri, May 16 7:10 AM illusivemind review of Look Deep by duckett
Great wide open feel with a chilled backing and interesting percussion that enha...
Mon, May 12 11:59 PM illusivemind review of jericho by Loveshadow
I like what you did here. Made very good use of a great vocal. Helped inspire me...
Wed, May 7 8:05 PM illusivemind review of deep in ya self by FORENSIC
I love hip hop when the lyrics are genius, and this is genius. Utterly fantastic...
Tue, Apr 15 7:42 PM illusivemind review of Brilliant Day (DURDEN version.) by DURDEN
Hey Durden, This truly is brilliant man. You've raised the bar yet again!
Mon, Apr 14 9:24 PM illusivemind review of Carrie Freyday (Orchestral Snippet #1) by rigman
Very polished. Nicely done.
Mon, Apr 14 9:23 PM illusivemind review of Memorial Test (Orchestral Snippet #2) by rigman
Love it.
Sun, Apr 6 7:45 PM illusivemind review of Gmin Piano Improv (Friday) by The3amAssociation
This just about breaks my heart. Amazing...
Sun, Apr 6 7:45 PM illusivemind review of (PIANO) A minor improvisation on Sunday by The3amAssociation
Love it, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Mon, Mar 24 8:35 AM illusivemind review of One World by narva9
Truly beautiful song and a wonderful sentiment. The vocals are cut short though,...
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