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Reviews left by George_Ellinas

Sat, Aug 2 7:09 AM George_Ellinas review of August (Reggae Rework) by el-B
Summer,summer,summer all over the place love your horns El-B very,very nice
Wed, Jul 23 3:09 PM George_Ellinas review of BBQ by spinmeister
i have to get some time off get a ticket and travel all the way to your part of ...
Wed, Jul 23 3:02 PM George_Ellinas review of Let Out of the Cage by essesq
just got back from a rehersal really tired and with an eye open and one sleepy Z...
Tue, Jul 22 1:23 AM George_Ellinas review of Hornet (Scottz Filtered Sandwich Edit) by Scott Altham
is it too short is is it just me? Always classy S! love your feel on your tr...
Tue, Jul 22 1:01 AM George_Ellinas review of Sunrise, Sunset by Doghouse Riley
just fantastic full of emotions DR no more words...
Tue, Jul 22 12:52 AM George_Ellinas review of The Clown and the High Wire Man by radiotimes
This is just beautifull RT Thanx for sharing this you have the abillity to ...
Sat, Jul 19 4:34 AM George_Ellinas review of Moors In The City of Light (Drunken Housewife Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Ha,ha,ha this is f****** cool (this the second time i m using the word F******...
Sat, Jul 19 4:29 AM George_Ellinas review of Matter of Time (Scott's Knife and Fork Edit) by Scott Altham
You defenatly have character on your mixes man!!!
Sat, Jul 19 4:26 AM George_Ellinas review of Robot Love (imádlak) by spinmeister
wow this is just f****** sexy
Tue, Jul 15 7:50 AM George_Ellinas review of Good Enough (TheFrost remix) by TheFrost
Many good ideas for this one! If you manage to sync the vocals to your backing ...
Tue, Jul 15 7:46 AM George_Ellinas review of Estoy Nervioso by Sr. Privado
Most Original !!!! very nice
Mon, Jul 14 3:06 AM George_Ellinas review of Moving On - A Grand Affair by radiotimes
Where is the movie for this one RT! in every mix i hear from you makes me reali...
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