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Reviews left by zensunni

Sat, May 13 3:55 AM zensunni review of Sanidade (Drums in the Street Mix) by Incarnadine
And fun it is!! I like this mix. It's good for the summer.
Fri, May 5 11:33 AM zensunni review of Gas Chamber Beats by PorchCat
I simply love these beats. You did very good work on this one.
Fri, May 5 8:46 AM zensunni review of mr.pelon by eldyablox3
I like the song and i like the raps, but i can't find the FM samples. Or is it j...
Fri, May 5 7:28 AM zensunni review of Crash by Crash Potato
That was kind of bizar, your point??
Mon, Apr 24 4:38 PM zensunni review of Being There by Clive Mollart
This was simply amazing. I truly love the feel of this track. I can only be po...
Mon, Apr 24 3:59 PM zensunni review of Human Community by teru
Wow i'm blown away by this work. You def. get 5 stars from me. And let us know ...
Mon, Apr 24 3:45 PM zensunni review of Hardcore by JimPurbrick
Wicked hardstyle junglist bad boy shit. This is wicked.
Mon, Apr 24 1:08 PM zensunni review of Remember The Name (Point Those Fingers Mix) - Roys Iron DNA by Roys_Iron_DNA
Eddie took the words right out of my mouth. I love this mix. I must admit that...
Sun, Apr 23 8:52 AM zensunni review of Mountains of Spices by gurdonark
This track sounds lovely to me. I was very pleasantly surprised with the vocoder...
Thu, Apr 20 2:06 PM zensunni review of Electrocución-persecución by LCOX17 by LCOX17
Good upload. I like it. It is a bit short for a techno track though. I think abo...
Mon, Apr 17 9:01 AM zensunni review of Missing You by shockshadow
Love this track. It has that twin peaks feel about it. Great work.