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Reviews left by urmymuse

Mon, Apr 29 11:29 AM urmymuse review of Yes And by spinningmerkaba
A very intriguing and immersive sound collage! Lovely :)
Mon, Apr 29 11:18 AM urmymuse review of A Channel by Snowflake
Extremely lovely! I hope the ankles better :)
Sun, Apr 28 3:05 AM urmymuse review of distance ft. urmymuse by Apoxode
Ha - what a coincidence ! Thanks for giving me a nudge into the mixter! Y...
Thu, Feb 22 10:27 AM urmymuse review of Tu eres mi musa (New World Polka) by spinningmerkaba
Polka-tastic!Nice one
Sun, Jul 2 12:25 PM urmymuse review of New Pigeon Look by septahelix
Great track! thanks for including me in
Sun, Jul 2 12:23 PM urmymuse review of PIGEON FUNK by Ant.Survila
That's well funky!
Mon, Feb 27 12:28 PM urmymuse review of Life is But A Dream (So Cut of your Head) by Mana Junkie
Great rythmns - full of atmosphere
Sun, Feb 26 3:13 PM urmymuse review of Delays Delays Delays by J.Lang
Like silk! Beautiful
Sun, Feb 26 2:55 PM urmymuse review of Blue Hours of This Millennium by Kara Square
Dream pop! fab
Sun, Feb 26 2:50 PM urmymuse review of J.Lang Industries by Apoxode
I dont reject ! i embrace ! fantastic track
Sun, Feb 26 8:08 AM urmymuse review of Joyful In The Sunrise (feat. urmymuse) by Beluga Ten
Thanks Beluga Ten ... takes me back as posted the source 13 years ago! Your piec...
Sun, Feb 26 5:11 AM urmymuse review of The Same Dream by sparky
Nice solo !
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