Reviews left by urmymuse

Tue, Mar 30 2:17 PM urmymuse review of Way Out Here by DeBenedictis
beautiful writing, beautifully sung. bravo!
Sat, Mar 27 2:23 AM urmymuse review of Toad Stool Fairy Ring by Fireproof_Babies
am glad you made this emerge from its filthy pond! nice use of acoustic folky sa...
Sat, Mar 20 1:50 PM urmymuse review of Tepid Methane by Fireproof_Babies
o brave new world that has such babies in it
Sat, Mar 20 1:10 PM urmymuse review of Penelope's Stand by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan ... Metal treatment works well. A really big , epic sound, sophisticated...
Sat, Mar 6 4:27 AM urmymuse review of Something Like Egypt by gurdonark
Sat, Mar 6 4:21 AM urmymuse review of Rock Version - How Do I Make You See by Ivan Chew
Nice bit of rock. I like the crunchy chords and the vocal treatment.
Sat, Mar 6 4:10 AM urmymuse review of bug out (centipede mix) by jacindae
:) Nice contrast between tha hard and the cutesy
Sat, Mar 6 4:05 AM urmymuse review of Specimen by Fireproof_Babies
Lyrics glorious as ever (keep kissing those walls man) also the way the track de...
Wed, Mar 3 1:42 AM urmymuse review of Aimee ? (Night Coat) by arteshe
Interesting as i had been thinking of doing a mix of this beautiful pella ... i ...
Tue, Mar 2 7:05 AM urmymuse review of How Do I Make You See v1 by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan ... this is such a happy sound, "poptastic". It bounces along beautifull...
Tue, Mar 2 6:48 AM urmymuse review of Dizzy by morgantj
I was uncertain at the begining but when the sultry vocals begin the track explo...
Tue, Mar 2 6:39 AM urmymuse review of High Energy Biscuits by Fireproof_Babies
"I eat beans and i dont care" classic!
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