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Mon, Apr 14 11:56 AM IDzeroNo review of What is happening? by Platinum Butterfly
Thank You, for including me. I can already can see people jamming to your beat i...
Sat, Jan 25 8:09 PM IDzeroNo review of You're To BLAME ! by Loveshadow
holy hell these is good.
Wed, Oct 9 2:23 PM IDzeroNo review of Make It Do by Speck
Speck and Airtone these work together is shear incredible.
Tue, Jun 4 12:36 AM IDzeroNo review of HOW YOU WANNA LIVE by BOCREW LAB
Wow, I really like these one.
Mon, May 6 12:35 PM IDzeroNo review of funk me ft kid jazz by smilingcynic
These is really nice.
Fri, Apr 19 6:24 PM IDzeroNo review of Who's the Man? by Kara Square
I like these.
Sat, Apr 6 9:03 PM IDzeroNo review of Uniform Lima X-Ray by Sturzstrom
Nice , combination.
Wed, Apr 3 9:20 AM IDzeroNo review of SUNNY by BOCREW LAB
Did you upload the wrong one?
Sun, Mar 31 12:57 PM IDzeroNo review of Don't Make A Fool by Jeris
You have great vocals.
Sun, Mar 17 11:39 PM IDzeroNo review of Keep it straight by Jeris
Jeris, seems surrealistic. I loves these. Like the groove, plus all the sounds....
Sat, Mar 16 1:06 AM IDzeroNo review of Goat (Southern Trap) by Robbero
Seeing some of those terms give me great surprise
Sat, Mar 9 3:22 AM IDzeroNo review of Seed by texasradiofish
I don't know if I can get enough jazz.
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