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Reviews left by septahelix

Sat, Mar 25 5:43 PM septahelix review of Prologue by 7OOP3D
reminds me of Koan and Tipper mixed together. great track!
Sun, Mar 19 2:44 PM septahelix review of Inverted Bullets by Apoxode
jammin! thanks for remixing me.
Thu, Mar 16 3:17 PM septahelix review of Everybody's Got a Chance by Calyman
love it! thanks for some samples too. I can't wait to mess with them.
Thu, Mar 16 12:41 PM septahelix review of Little Septahelix Ditty 4 (So Brave Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Thanks for the great remix. I liked what you did with the samples.
Sat, Sep 3 5:18 AM septahelix review of Dark & Fluffy Septafuse by texasradiofish
dang fish! top shelf stuff! honored to have a part in this explosive yet someho...
Wed, Aug 31 3:03 PM septahelix review of In the factory by vermiliontempera
look you need to upload each track separately or else less people will remix you...
Wed, Aug 31 2:59 PM septahelix review of OFF inspired by vermiliontempera
no samples? what's up?
Mon, Aug 29 12:23 PM septahelix review of ccManic (ccMixter exclusive) by Organoix_2000
thanks for putting me in there somewhere with this talented bunch.
Sun, Aug 21 6:14 AM septahelix review of Why did you break it by vermiliontempera
try to keep percussion, bass, etc. tracks separate unless you are going to uploa...
Sat, Aug 20 12:12 PM septahelix review of The Sweet Music by cube3
this is really good MDMA music. Most of it is samples that you should upload so...
Mon, Aug 15 5:43 PM septahelix review of soaring over the sea by Darkroom
real chill and peaceful. Some samples would be nice.
Mon, Aug 8 4:56 AM septahelix review of Hearts by Zep Hurme
thanks for recommending me so I could find my way to this amazing track! really...
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