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Fri, Nov 18 7:16 PM saturo review of Little Boat by Robbero
a very krafty mix!
Sun, Nov 6 12:30 PM saturo review of The Rainbow Never Fades by texasradiofish
a great crossover with perfect sound!
Sun, Nov 6 12:25 PM saturo review of Stop war inna Syria by Stefan Kartenberg
a very interesting interpretation!
Mon, Oct 31 4:15 PM saturo review of Reuse Noise - With The Light (cdk Mix) by cdk
a good combination of different dance genres in one song, cool sounds (especiall...
Mon, Oct 31 3:37 PM saturo review of Rise (Remix) by Robbero
cool dance track,perfect and clear mix,super sounds
Mon, Oct 31 4:52 AM saturo review of Clean by reiswerk
perfect produced and mastered, like a studio production. cool song too!
Sun, Oct 30 11:31 PM saturo review of Paper Planes - Durden ft. Airtone by DURDEN
perfect dramaturgy and structure. well done!
Sun, Oct 30 11:21 PM saturo review of Horseback Orchestra Tuneup by Admiral Bob
sounds like straight from the album dark side of the moon.very good!
Sun, Oct 30 1:49 PM saturo review of Tethered ...a meditation on shore whilst overlooking the sea by essesq
the background and the vocals in perfect harmony, great work!
Sun, Oct 30 12:11 PM saturo review of SATURN by onlymeith
an ode to space - perfect!
Sun, Oct 30 11:15 AM saturo review of 4 Real by Hans Atom
clear production, good work! reminds me a little bit of late 70s space rock (f...
Sun, Oct 30 11:08 AM saturo review of Supergirl (Fly in My Dreams Mix) by vo1k1
very creative remix, well done!
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