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Tue, Jun 11 6:48 AM mwic review of My Favourite Game by Apoxode
> > " My favorite game has always been experimenting with sound :)" Yeah, my ...
Sun, Apr 28 8:54 PM mwic review of treetone by airtone
Damn, bro... your music just makes me happy to be alive. Proud to know you.
Sun, Apr 28 8:40 PM mwic review of Heading out with MJ by ScOmBer
I am grinning from ear to ear. You are a treasure.
Sun, Apr 28 7:04 PM mwic review of Yes And by spinningmerkaba
What a great title for a SackJo remix. You got issues with the sources database...
Sun, Apr 28 7:02 PM mwic review of L O V E M E R I G H T H E R E by SO SHA
It's an honor to be part of such artistry. This is deeply lovely, and I hope som...
Sun, Apr 28 6:58 PM mwic review of A DAY IN BLUE ART by Bocrew
This track made me look up what "vaporwave" is.. I learned that it's "a subgenre...
Sun, Apr 28 7:21 AM mwic review of The Maidens With The Braided Hair by Radioontheshelf
Powerful stuff. Don't know what else to say.
Sun, Apr 28 7:13 AM mwic review of Calling Out by Vidian
Heh, I knew airtone would like this. It's giving Vespertine-era bjork. Great wor...
Sun, Apr 28 6:34 AM mwic review of Viewing (Hexagram 20) by SackJo22
Lots of great stuff in here, but for me what stands out is the bass line, answer...
Sat, Oct 14 5:05 AM mwic review of Unfed by Kara Square
This is great. Reminds me of some of TMBG's darker stuff, like "Fang" from Mink ...
Fri, Oct 13 7:53 AM mwic review of Hold Me Back (In the Rave) by Apoxode
Really awesome, man. (let me know if you got a notification, too)
Fri, Oct 13 7:45 AM mwic review of Parallel Pathways by Snowflake
Love this tune. I also love that you will probably get a notification automatica...
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