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Reviews left by monstersbaby

Mon, Oct 15 12:43 PM monstersbaby review of J.M. 2012 by onlymeith
onlymeith, wonderful. thxs a lot
Wed, Oct 19 12:26 PM monstersbaby review of If You Can't- Rush Remix by Snowfield
Wonderful. I could imagine even more music before and after the spoken words. th...
Thu, Dec 13 10:25 AM monstersbaby review of HowToGetRid of a dream by Citizen Nyx
greatly done. thxs for sampling it!
Mon, Feb 12 9:25 AM monstersbaby review of innertide by DJ BLUE
wonderful mix putting single pieces in a great context. big thank you from my ea...
Sun, Jan 21 12:48 PM monstersbaby review of Traveling Alone by DJ BLUE
nice combination. feels like a conversation between 'I' and 'Me'inside of my hea...
Wed, Jan 17 12:30 PM monstersbaby review of no no not now by penston
great pace and simple title but all fits nicly. thxs
Fri, Dec 8 3:47 PM monstersbaby review of who are-monsters by §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ
i like the underlying lamenting tune. do you think a remote female singing in th...
Sat, Nov 11 8:22 AM monstersbaby review of freak CC by stefsax
the beginning is more freaky than the rest but i like it. i guess a child voice ...
Thu, Nov 9 1:43 PM monstersbaby review of Was the color of your skin by stefsax
sure, you can call it 'was the color of your skin'! i like the mix and hope to h...
Sun, Oct 22 6:08 AM monstersbaby review of If You by gurdonark
cool! sounds like lying in a grave, watching the sky with the crows and realizin...
Sun, Oct 22 6:05 AM monstersbaby review of If You Can't [asc.mix] by Ascension
i like the flow of underlying sound. it feels like it will never end and the int...
Sun, Oct 22 5:59 AM monstersbaby review of little dub by penston
nice swinging of the rhythm. i also like the voices in the background
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