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Reviews left for KCentric

Tue, Feb 18 7:23 PM J.L.E.R. music review of AU2OMATIC $UPASTAR (Pella) by KCentric
I like it!!! very graphic!!!
Sat, Oct 26 11:02 AM duckett review of The Next Level (Spoken Word) by KCentric
(Re: the description) Sorry to hear that, K.. tell me who did it and I'll spank ...
Mon, Jul 15 8:06 AM RizKeyG review of Dream of You (A Cappella) by KCentric
Quality Lyric.. its given me some musical Inspiration
Thu, Jun 20 2:12 AM BsikM review of Dream of You (A Cappella) by KCentric
Thank's for this a capella. Will you put the lyrics here ? Thank's again, BsikM ...
Fri, May 10 8:52 AM murat ses review of Plastic Rose Petals (Accapella) by KCentric
My dear collab KCentric w a great submission again. Flawless and inspiring :)
Thu, Jan 24 3:13 PM MirayKrissBlacksaiyanprod review of Celebrity (Snap Neck Club Mix) by KCentric
Fri, Nov 9 1:54 AM Da Rippa review of Future Shock (Check my style) by KCentric
This is great! Remixing this fo sho!
Tue, Jul 17 6:11 PM Anandamine review of People R (Watchin U) by KCentric
Simple but effective...Very enjoyable tune. I like it a lot. It's 3.11 am here...
Sun, Jul 8 8:44 AM Chris Timber review of AU2OMATIC $UPASTAR (Pella) by KCentric
Hey, I like you vocals... I've used this one in a track. I'll be gratefull if yo...
Sat, Jun 2 11:47 PM Official_Nc_Fx review of Body Move (Let's Dance) by KCentric
Really Nice vocs man.
Sun, Feb 19 9:53 PM Snowflake review of Trigonometry (Pella) by KCentric
any chance you could transcribe the lyrics for us? this is awesome.
Mon, Jun 20 12:01 PM Official_Nc_Fx review of AU2OMATIC $UPASTAR (Pella) by KCentric
Pretty nice :) I like it.
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