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Sat, Nov 17 2:29 AM german_mix review of All The Arks Are Full (main vox acappella) by ANTIQCOOL
Great vocal tune, nice swing to it! But could you please tell me what is the bp...
Sat, Jun 30 4:42 AM german_mix review of The Beach by Platinum Butterfly
Excellent, very professional sound design. Makes me move my feet :-)
Fri, Jun 8 11:03 AM german_mix review of Blatant Psychosis by Super_Sigil
Impressive sound and great programming of rhythms. You use the spatial aspects o...
Fri, Jun 8 8:03 AM german_mix review of Brown & Gold by Abstract Audio
Good song, I am impressed. Very nice sound design.
Fri, Jun 8 3:32 AM german_mix review of Future Shock- Technical Mix by techsoul
Great noisy remix with a lot of beat. I like it a lot!
Fri, Jun 8 3:17 AM german_mix review of Less so Lessness by annabloom
Great, this certainly conjures up some "Tom Waits like" mood. Well done!
Tue, May 4 8:51 AM german_mix review of Solace by Rewob
A very warm and consoling sound. I like it a lot.
Sat, Jan 16 8:20 AM german_mix review of The Warrior by Olenergy
Great! Very modern and pleasing to hear. I am impressed!
Sat, Jan 16 7:29 AM german_mix review of Lady Mercy Huckleberry by spinmeister
I had goosebumps all over when I first heard your track. Very evocative, very ni...
Sat, Oct 10 2:42 PM german_mix review of Lies (George Ellinas rmx) by George_Ellinas
Coooool, very cool. 1st class from my point of view. The best remix of this lov...
Sat, Oct 10 2:35 PM german_mix review of Sweetest Sin (Original Cut) by vincentreed
Very good Europe Techno rendering of that song! The effects on the voice are ve...
Sat, Oct 10 2:29 PM german_mix review of sweet sins by gizzard
Very creative and dedicated to the "not everyday sound". I like it a lot. The f...
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