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Reviews left by flujo

Sat, Mar 13 2:08 PM flujo review of THE Reason ! ( Somthin Special) by Loveshadow
This made the special girl a little bit more special. Nice work!
Sat, Mar 13 1:45 PM flujo review of Something Special by Songboy3
Absolutely beautiful in every way.
Sat, Mar 6 6:32 AM flujo review of extension by Speck
You are exploring the deep blue in uncharted waters. Your submersible lights ca...
Sun, Feb 28 5:07 AM flujo review of Indonesian Streets Ambient Sounds by libraryowl
Sat, Feb 27 12:54 PM flujo review of Madrugada by logos
Sat, Feb 27 5:54 AM flujo review of Easy_killer_lisadb_magmavanderMiX by magmavander
This is a gorgeous tune! On the 5th play now.
Sun, Feb 21 8:54 AM flujo review of vocoder chords "house music is magic" 90 BPM by greg_baumont
Fantastic sample. I cannot believe that it hasn't been used yet!
Sun, Feb 14 5:32 AM flujo review of Harmony by Snowflake
Absolutely wonderful harmonies Snowflake.
Sat, Feb 13 10:18 AM flujo review of Choices May Change by Niemandsland
Oh wow! This is a bit special; a perfect marriage in fact.
Sat, Jan 16 9:49 AM flujo review of WhereDoYouGo #1 by rocavaco
The is not amateur work! I like the piano stabs as they work in the same way a...
Sat, Jan 16 9:37 AM flujo review of Crossing The Pond (Floating Buddha Mix) by vo1k1
This is positively delicious! A Tiramisu and Bailey's breakfast, sweet and sexy ...
Sat, Dec 19 1:17 PM flujo review of If you cant (kojo akusa remix 1) by Kojo_Akusa
This is a song with a message seeped in bliss surrounded by a dream. Superb!
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