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Reviews left by eladla

Sat, Mar 27 2:13 PM eladla review of Feeling good by FORENSIC
I feel the lyrics and the vibe. Great! I`ma have fun with this.
Wed, Nov 25 1:02 AM eladla review of Something Special by Songboy3
As usual, a grade A performance Can`t wait to get this one going.
Sat, Oct 17 9:29 PM eladla review of WARning by DJ.E-State
Love the remix and sorry about your car :(
Sun, Oct 11 1:30 PM eladla review of Waste of TV ( Forensic mix) by FORENSIC
Killer beat! The minute I heard the vocal a crystal method type remix came into...
Sat, Oct 3 3:40 AM eladla review of 4Nsic--Murderer (Yimair Remix) by YimAir
Great beat I love the bassline. The only problem is that it lacks some variat...
Fri, Oct 2 3:55 PM eladla review of On Your Grave by wellman
Very well produced. The only thing I can say is that the vocal is a bit on the d...
Thu, Oct 1 4:16 PM eladla review of Dandy by unreal_dm
I really can`t stop listening to this. Very catchy. Great job!
Thu, Oct 1 6:59 AM eladla review of Dandy by Travis B
Really catchy 'pella. Love it. Would love to remix it, but the timing is way o...
Wed, Sep 30 5:14 PM eladla review of Super Heroes, ( Sol Remix) by FORENSIC
I usually don`t care much for uptempo beats, but this one is really fun. Very w...
Mon, Sep 28 9:15 PM eladla review of Day by Day by mykleanthony
Great vocal! Think I`ll give this one a try, already have an idea for a remix.
Sun, Sep 27 3:59 PM eladla review of Cue - Dolorean (J.Lang) - DjiZrmx by Kwame
Rockin beat. The only thing I would add is another (different) flute or maybe a...
Fri, Sep 25 3:54 PM eladla review of Delorean On The Block by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Sick beat! Reminds me of Busta's "Fire it up" :)
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