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Mon, Jan 20 4:58 AM De Leve review of Downtown with De Leve by martinsea
i think we can sync the voice better, its off-beat, i can help you with that if ...
Thu, Sep 26 5:45 AM De Leve review of Super Moro by reiswerk
Love it! I wish i could upload more acapellas, but i just can't. If knew a way...
Tue, Sep 20 4:13 AM De Leve review of Jamal by Robbero
Dope one! G-O-O-D! How can i rap in this beat?
Sun, Jan 31 9:05 AM De Leve review of Dinhero by bigbonobo_combo
Muito bom remix! Very good remix! Valeu! Thank you!
Fri, Nov 20 10:48 AM De Leve review of Put Your Hands Up (island of the sirens mix) by shagrugge
Mon, Mar 10 8:21 AM De Leve review of Diploma - Rhythm Boy Remix by rhythmboy
Yeah, man. Awesome remix. It's a diferent song with the same vocals. Great!
Sun, Jan 20 4:35 AM De Leve review of Nadeya(Psychomix) by error404
hi press, you have uploaded two of remixes of mine, but i couldn't listen to the...
Thu, Dec 13 3:09 PM De Leve review of Deleve_SeLiga_Instrumental(press bass rmx) by error404
I just love this beat, thank you.
Sun, Jul 1 11:21 AM De Leve review of SeLiga by error404
Sun, Jan 14 11:40 AM De Leve review of Rol de Camelim (melt the glaciers mix) by shagrugge
fucking cool, man!!! love that mix!
Thu, Oct 19 9:53 AM De Leve review of Tema da Novela (robbed the riff mix) by shagrugge
Man.... I just wanna say Thank you! Just GREAT! You´re now my offical remixe...
Fri, Sep 15 8:56 AM De Leve review of Pode Queimar by audiomesh
Oh, i just love the remix that you made for Pode Queimar! Thank you!
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