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De Leve (deleve):

Reviews left for De Leve

Tue, Feb 23 3:49 AM daniloprates review of super moro acapella by De Leve
HAHAHA GENIAL! Qdo li o título (no remix do @reiswerk, não vi que era sua) pen...
Sat, Dec 29 7:24 PM Snowflake review of Pau do Guedes ACAPELLA by De Leve
really really great pell. cold you please upload a file of the lead vocal alone,...
Sat, Oct 11 12:24 AM texasradiofish review of Estalactite ACAPELLA by De Leve
great rhythmic groove to the lyric, DeLeve
Sat, Aug 2 6:14 PM Snowflake review of Jogo a Vera ACAPELLA by De Leve
cool! would you be so kind to include your lyrics here? :)
Sat, Dec 31 12:29 PM coruscate review of Quem manda no baile ACAPELLA by De Leve
I'm really loving that CCMixter is attracting more Spanish acapellas. This one i...
Sun, Nov 6 6:00 PM patchkennedy review of De Leve_Mexico_Acappella by De Leve
Awesome. Cheers for putting this up I used it in my track.
Mon, Mar 15 11:59 PM texasradiofish review of De Leve_Mexico_Acappella by De Leve
Thanks for the great rhythmic rap. Is there an Enlgish translation?
Thu, Oct 25 8:16 AM JQUEST review of DELEVE_RAPPER DE MENTIRA _ACAPELLA by De Leve
Im working on a remix. Check it out! Tchau.
Thu, Aug 23 12:08 PM Grizzly616 review of DeLeve_SeLiga_Acapella by De Leve
Nice rap! I made a remix, check it out ;)
Sun, Sep 17 11:50 AM audiomesh review of Deleve_PodeQueimar_Acappella by De Leve
brilliant, just had to do a remix of this one.
Tue, Aug 29 1:08 AM Mo review of DeLeve_SeLiga_Acapella by De Leve
I don't know what you're talking about, but I love the energy you have in this o...
Sun, Jul 30 12:42 AM shagrugge review of DeLeve_Diploma_Acappella by De Leve
Your vocal styles are really diverse and incredible! Thanks for sharing on ccMix...