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Reviews left by cube3

Sun, Apr 30 9:47 AM cube3 review of Walk With Me by Stefan Kartenberg
Sounds great. Feels like we are walking on the clouds.
Mon, Apr 17 10:16 AM cube3 review of K A B A by SO SHA
Good production, I'll see what I can do mixing it out here on the analog studio ...
Sun, Mar 26 10:34 AM cube3 review of My Life, My Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you for remixing the vocals. This was not a simple chord progression and y...
Fri, Jan 6 4:22 AM cube3 review of The Planets by Radioontheshelf
Nice piano play and programming of the vox and strings.
Mon, Jan 2 10:40 AM cube3 review of Gifted by Hans Atom
I really dig the New Wave / Goth vibe to this. This should be ed picked.
Sun, Jan 1 5:33 AM cube3 review of The Light Shines Vox by SackJo22
Thank you for these vox, they were of great use for the solstice event.
Sun, Oct 23 3:54 AM cube3 review of Into the night by Kristian
Kristian: "hi guys. i think it’s super crass that you make your samples availa...
Sun, Sep 11 5:24 AM cube3 review of Soul and Body ft airtone by Apoxode
Gratitude for delivering Airtone a remix of his work and filling in for me. As I...
Sun, Sep 11 4:51 AM cube3 review of Music (Makes Us One) by Snowflake
Thank you for remixing me. I had a suspicion :) I am humbled that you took the t...
Sun, Jul 18 7:47 AM cube3 review of Lost by sparky
Sparky, you turned into a spy movie theme. Good ideas there, I like it :) Maybe...
Thu, Apr 29 1:51 PM cube3 review of Control by sparky
Thanks for the remix. Nice work on the guitar though and good ideas in there. Ye...
Mon, Apr 19 1:45 AM cube3 review of Hold on by Geert Veneklaas
Prachtig Geert!
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