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Reviews left by bombero

Sun, Jun 24 3:22 AM bombero review of For All the Sad Faces (Tanto Faz RMX) by Wave Theory
Very nice work Wave!!!
Sun, Jun 24 3:16 AM bombero review of Overreacting - Half Full mix by teru
Nice work Teru!!!
Thu, Jun 21 3:44 AM bombero review of Oh Lord by oldDog
5/5!! La classe!
Wed, Jun 20 3:31 AM bombero review of Cidade Sol Tigertone Z-Block Mix by tigertone
They are hard sometimes on DC Mixter!. Me, I like much! (just a personal remark ...
Wed, Jun 20 3:24 AM bombero review of Last Stand (on the run mix) by DJ BLUE
Nice work man!!
Wed, Jun 20 3:19 AM bombero review of Celeb ( P-Version ) by Paulus
It is not me which would make a criticism on the sync voices. !! Like known as G...
Wed, Jun 20 3:08 AM bombero review of Reverse World by Abhi S.V.
Wed, Jun 20 2:57 AM bombero review of Deano Sounds by deanosounds
But where is what I put my feathers of ostrich?. Very beautiful line of percussi...
Wed, Jun 20 2:50 AM bombero review of for the streets collab by FORENSIC
Good work Mister 4nsic!!! (Personally, I would have chosen a snare more `dynamic...
Sat, Jun 9 11:59 PM bombero review of Celebrity [Omni Vista's Lazy Summer Mix] by Omni Vista
Wed, Jun 6 11:27 PM bombero review of Algo de Vida (Nu Jazz Voix Remix) by Klaus_N
I made funny dream… I was 16 years old, the long hair, I were lengthened in a ...
Wed, Jun 6 11:22 PM bombero review of Treal hip hop by grapes
Yo!!! Very good!
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