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Thu, Oct 10 5:37 PM Wired Ant review of Mississippi Kite (cold mix) by keytronic
Great dense and enriched remix! Think I can hear the joy and enthusiasm while as...
Wed, Oct 9 5:13 PM Wired Ant review of Sky Keeps Crashing by Linden Tree
Great wall of sound! Convincing remix Any chance to get some stems?
Mon, Oct 7 10:36 AM Wired Ant review of The Weight of Your Madness by Shelflife
Yes - this a great lovely piece of music
Sun, Oct 6 12:03 PM Wired Ant review of Automatic 2.0 (Superstar Mix) by Kraftamt
Your really topped the 1.0 Mix!!! Supercool indeed! I referr and point the "Su...
Thu, Oct 3 5:53 PM Wired Ant review of the cable by My Free Mickey
Great disturbing remix!!! You drive my Floydish idea to an undiscovered corner ...
Sun, Sep 29 11:27 AM Wired Ant review of 7th Dimension by Platinum Butterfly
Captivating, mesmerizing! Great sound features throughout the whole song! Fav ...
Wed, Sep 25 7:34 AM Wired Ant review of Made out of dreams (Official Remix) by KekyChannel
A true beautiful track! But refering to your own track on jamendo and uploadi...
Mon, May 6 5:33 PM Wired Ant review of Hello Beautiful by texasradiofish
Alien jazzinators took over Texas! Great - unexpected and different - sounds
Mon, May 6 5:05 PM Wired Ant review of JazzyLilBrainSpaceGroove by Speck
Beautiful, calm and sophisticated remix! Skilled and tasty amalgam of all sample...
Sat, May 4 6:26 AM Wired Ant review of Black Shadow by Hans Atom
Black Shadows brightly dark produced and performed Der Hans,der kann`s!
Thu, May 2 4:09 AM Wired Ant review of The Chanters Song by Javolenus
Great track and the most suitable amp chosen! Love it
Wed, May 1 5:15 PM Wired Ant review of To Be Sensitive feat. Kara Square by Doxent Zsigmond
Brilliant piano backing track!!!!!! Really awesome how you turned KarsĀ“s voc...
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