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Wed, Mar 6 1:57 PM Wired Ant review of Melody's Motion by Speck
The last third is a strong cool dubby shaker! It could last just minutes more! C...
Wed, Mar 6 1:50 PM Wired Ant review of OrdinaryGroove by Javolenus
Better saying "ExtraOrdinaryGroove"
Tue, Mar 5 4:02 PM Wired Ant review of A80-MTC by Javolenus
Mortally wounded dragging himself towards his dramtic end! Captivating mindmovi...
Mon, Mar 4 3:54 PM Wired Ant review of The Parting Glass -- re-RE-recorded with CHORD-track (final!!!) by aliteralmind
Well first of all: no apologies do be done! I downloaded the original as soon I ...
Sun, Mar 3 9:32 AM Wired Ant review of Where Did the Silence Start to Grow by TheDICE
Clever, playful remix, arrangement and orchestration! There is a wonderful tens...
Sun, Mar 3 9:25 AM Wired Ant review of Novalis by Javolenus
Yes I am glad - as I hoped you would swallow this bait - you did add some wonder...
Sat, Mar 2 11:20 AM Wired Ant review of Is Nuclear Power The Answer? by Kraftamt
As TRF said: catching and thrilling like a well done documentary and a splendid ...
Sat, Mar 2 11:15 AM Wired Ant review of To Be Honest ... by Javolenus
Today it is your big groove baking kitchen day! Delicious sound and rhythm cook...
Sat, Mar 2 11:14 AM Wired Ant review of Melpomene by Javolenus
Grand Groove Master Javo - kool and sexy
Sat, Mar 2 11:12 AM Wired Ant review of Dan Mantau ft. Bradsucks - Plastic Surgery by Dan_Mantau
Great arrangement and assorted instrumentation! Especially love the high pitched...
Tue, Feb 26 1:43 PM Wired Ant review of GTR-DADGAD-CopyCat-impro by Javolenus
Soulful played - soulfoul delayed! As impressive as wonderful
Tue, Feb 26 4:09 AM Wired Ant review of If I by texasradiofish
Groove Sex
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