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Sun, Sep 27 11:38 PM Tekno_Eddy review of Brown & Gold by Leza Boyland
Loved The Vox Very Enchanting
Sat, Mar 7 12:54 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Another Lies by Prea1
really enjoyed this prea1 i liked the chord changes went with the vocals really ...
Sat, Feb 21 10:21 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Disgruntled Zygote by zendada
Love it this is right up my street reminds me of 1 giant leap when they did a co...
Sat, Feb 21 10:16 AM Tekno_Eddy review of SOMETIMES / Jess Beat 06 by Bocrew
very relaxing really enjoyed this nice 1!
Sat, Feb 21 2:46 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Baby Bird (One Way) by MC Jack in the Box
Great Saturday morning listening its really well put together and has a certain ...
Thu, Feb 19 3:13 PM Tekno_Eddy review of Gurditation by teru
well that seriously chilled me out great stuff love all the sounds and fx youve ...
Thu, Feb 19 12:00 PM Tekno_Eddy review of Miss Her One More day by Loveshadow
i could imagine hearing this on the radio youve top quality production and a gre...
Thu, Feb 19 11:47 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Secret Urban Jungle by ScOmBer
interesting track never really really heard anything like it the switch was very...
Thu, Feb 19 11:43 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Transgenic Remix by logos
really enjoyed this the pianos really quite trance like i would of like to of se...
Thu, Feb 19 12:36 AM Tekno_Eddy review of Midnight Wolf (DURDEN ver.) by DURDEN
great track really enjoyed it very menacing theme to it quite epic !
Thu, Feb 19 12:34 AM Tekno_Eddy review of If it sounds like a duckett by shagrugge
great stuff deep and absorbing really mesmerizing !!
Fri, Feb 13 2:47 PM Tekno_Eddy review of Kadelioscop / Jess Beat 04 by Bocrew
Great vibe makes me think of summer which is great as its freezing here atm
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