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Thu, Jul 12 10:43 AM Star69 review of Recommencer (mosquitomix in G) by ditto ditto
Great job on this one DD. I love that it follows such a simple melodic structure...
Tue, Jul 10 1:15 PM Star69 review of April (Fanfare Mix) by ditto ditto
This is, as I've grown used to saying about your tracks, awesome. You've done a ...
Tue, Jul 10 12:44 PM Star69 review of HardMoonlight (GreekMix) by ditto ditto
All I have to say is BOOZOOKI. Sick. You've got some serious chops.
Tue, Jul 10 12:33 PM Star69 review of Color Shifting (Train, Train Mix) by ditto ditto
Well so far I've listened to two of your tracks, and both are grand slams. This ...
Tue, Jul 10 12:28 PM Star69 review of November (Fantasy mix) by ditto ditto
This is awesome. I really like the bass line - sounds very reggae-ish at times. ...
Thu, Jul 5 12:05 PM Star69 review of April (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
Great work. Love the 6/8 breakdowns, and the swing of the hat (even if it is a b...
Thu, Jul 5 11:53 AM Star69 review of May (mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
This is a really awesome remix! Really beautiful. The only thing that stands in ...
Thu, Jul 5 7:36 AM Star69 review of Ima Kick Your Ass (Dark Remix) by karmickill
Thu, Jul 5 7:05 AM Star69 review of Morr's Ruff REMIX - Madrugada by Morr
This is sweet. Reminds me of the tekstep stompers of yesteryear. warhead and the...
Wed, Jul 4 1:58 PM Star69 review of Cidade Sol by maxi_j
weird and wonderful...and weird.
Wed, Jul 4 1:37 PM Star69 review of Cidade Sol,popfunk mix (s.thaens) by stefsax
Wow! Incredible job. You've got very nice tone on the sax. I like the room sound...
Wed, Jul 4 1:20 PM Star69 review of Cidade Sol Rmx by ASHWAN
Nice work on this ashwan. Lots of stuff going on. I like the backwards guitar.
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