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Reviews left by Shebbe

Fri, Jul 20 5:12 AM Shebbe review of Listen To My Violin by Speck
Ooooh this sounds awesome! Love the unsettling experimental vibe. My beat rea...
Mon, Jun 11 10:51 AM Shebbe review of Adaptation is How We Survive by SackJo22
Wow, gave me goosebumps! Loving the warm vibes and slow pace. Perfect for these ...
Tue, Feb 7 12:00 PM Shebbe review of No Sleep by unreal_dm
Thanks for these very cool vocals! This is what I've made with them, hope you li...
Thu, Aug 13 5:34 AM Shebbe review of Sincere by smileyharly
You have a beautiful voice, thanks for sharing this.
Fri, Jun 12 8:32 AM Shebbe review of Lost by Zep Hurme
yes yes!
Fri, Jun 12 8:26 AM Shebbe review of Shallow Waters by raja_ffm
Hmm, great vibes!
Thu, May 28 12:50 PM Shebbe review of Shallow Waters by Alex
I didn't even dare to try, but you just went in there and nailed it! Great sound...
Tue, May 19 4:04 PM Shebbe review of Shallow Waters by Snowflake
Your voice.. That piano... Speechless!
Sun, Mar 29 8:03 AM Shebbe review of Ocean Reflections by Attic Ella
Smooth stuff! Great groove
Fri, Mar 27 9:47 AM Shebbe review of Neds Theme by Loveshadow
Mon, Mar 2 10:14 AM Shebbe review of Deep In The House Of ccMixter - Take Two by musikpirat
Thank you for including me in your mix! Great songs from the others too :)
Wed, Feb 25 4:52 AM Shebbe review of Acceptance by Snowflake
What a beautiful piece! Your voice is so smooth.
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