Reviews left by RizKeyG

Sun, Nov 20 5:50 AM RizKeyG review of All along by Hans Atom
synth fest
Wed, Nov 16 12:30 AM RizKeyG review of Gravitational Wave by Robbero
Thats a BIIIIIIIIG sound !
Wed, Nov 16 12:20 AM RizKeyG review of Stranger In A Strange Band by Speck
"Specktovision " ... that is the ne music genre you have all to your self with y...
Mon, Nov 14 10:26 AM RizKeyG review of Vieux Farka Touré (vieux) by JCrews
Ethnofunk !
Mon, Nov 14 10:22 AM RizKeyG review of A Motherless Child by Zenboy1955
cleverly constructed
Mon, Nov 14 10:22 AM RizKeyG review of TraLa Remix by Proud Electrics
grab ya glow stick we are back in the 90s !
Mon, Nov 14 10:21 AM RizKeyG review of Slow Walk By The Seine With Robert and Johann by Radioontheshelf
an emotive piece
Sun, Nov 13 3:23 PM RizKeyG review of Cut Off Your Head by Snowflake
Horrific !
Sun, Nov 13 2:13 PM RizKeyG review of SMOKE DEEP COMB INSTRUMENTAL by Bocrew
Sun, Nov 13 2:12 PM RizKeyG review of Generic Apologies by Speck
You are one of only less than a handfull who hav e there own style on here !
Sun, Nov 13 1:42 PM RizKeyG review of Dolla $ign by aapofficial
The hook line is Killa !
Thu, Jun 9 1:13 PM RizKeyG review of Shallow Waters (Greg Krezos ft. Snowflake) by GregKrezos
Reminds me of Bristol in the 90s !
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