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Reviews left by RizKeyG

Wed, Sep 30 3:42 AM RizKeyG review of Pay Attention by Kevin Wielock
Your supporting backing track is overflowing with " Juice "
Wed, Sep 30 3:34 AM RizKeyG review of Coffee & Lullabies by raja_ffm
Fri, Sep 18 2:39 PM RizKeyG review of Supersonic Whispers by Zep Hurme
I like it !
Mon, Sep 14 3:35 PM RizKeyG review of Sector 8 by Blake
1 minute in...its launch into the stratosphere
Mon, Sep 14 3:14 PM RizKeyG review of John Lewis' Dream by Radioontheshelf
For a second... i thought this was a David Bowie unreleased vault track !?!
Mon, Sep 14 2:27 PM RizKeyG review of Freedom by bangcorrupt
Reminds me of when i used to play Wipeout 2097 .. ( Photek )
Sun, Sep 13 4:56 AM RizKeyG review of adrift by airtone
Seems a lot of others are going down the mood music route recently in this place...
Sun, Sep 13 4:54 AM RizKeyG review of Firefly Memories by Rewob
a very nice composition
Thu, Sep 10 7:29 AM RizKeyG review of Broadway by Zep Hurme
This is well crafted
Tue, Sep 8 2:20 PM RizKeyG review of StarWar by The.Spirit.Of.Light
My tip my purple velvet hat to you! You seem to do every remix in your particul...
Tue, Sep 8 2:17 PM RizKeyG review of So Hot (70s flavor) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
Like interlude music for Starsky and Hutch
Tue, Sep 8 2:09 PM RizKeyG review of Not Hearing Myself on the Radio by Mana Junkie
You certainly know how to darkgroove the hell out of a track !
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