Reviews left by RizKeyG

Fri, Apr 14 5:55 AM RizKeyG review of My Life, My Love (For You) by cube3
Superb work !
Fri, Feb 24 5:14 AM RizKeyG review of Jefferson Walk by Alex
Mon, Jan 30 2:49 PM RizKeyG review of Time 2 Move Along (featuring pneuman) by John Louis Kluck
This is a quality track
Sat, Jan 28 9:38 AM RizKeyG review of Hexagram #64 by texasradiofish
Lovin the brass !
Sat, Jan 28 4:04 AM RizKeyG review of Really Really Weird by Dan_Mantau
its like my ears have flipped back into the 1970s ... nice !
Sat, Jan 28 4:03 AM RizKeyG review of Amaranthian Elephants by Speck
listening with headphones this is awesome !
Sat, Jan 28 4:03 AM RizKeyG review of Insider Knowledge by Radioontheshelf
some really clever segments and production in this jam !
Sat, Jan 28 4:02 AM RizKeyG review of Cosine by mwic
Fri, Jan 20 3:38 PM RizKeyG review of Not Yet Crossing by SackJo22
" SUPERB " Taking my funk to another level ( i can even hear a glint of Wendy...
Wed, Nov 23 4:53 AM RizKeyG review of sashliq-2022111-2_noSt by sash_liq
crackin bit of audio ambience !
Wed, Nov 23 4:52 AM RizKeyG review of HUMAN WORLD by Bocrew
80sesque music synth time travel... nice
Sun, Nov 20 5:51 AM RizKeyG review of Where's Jack by Radioontheshelf
you have a slight twinge of david bowie in your vocal
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