Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, May 3 2:22 PM Quarkstar review of Cornflower Corsage by Apoxode
Sounds great and thank your for exploring my samples!
Tue, Nov 20 3:02 AM Quarkstar review of Breath the Sundawn by zikweb
Very nice! taking my samples to another level!
Thu, Oct 25 12:46 PM Quarkstar review of ccMixter House Music by texasradiofish
ingenious mix Thanks for using my samples .. a deep dig into my samples for D...
Sat, Sep 15 12:42 PM Quarkstar review of Fight by Stefan Kartenberg
You Certainly have a great groove going on!
Mon, Jul 9 1:21 AM Quarkstar review of Moonlight Sonata (Shifting Sun Mix) by Speck
Smart intelligent, compelling with a speck of levity.
Sun, Jul 8 2:06 AM Quarkstar review of DCOSS by onlymeith
Thank you for the great remix and going so deep into my samples and tunes, you c...
Sun, Mar 11 5:27 PM Quarkstar review of Midnight Temple (featuring 7OOP3D) by Beluga Ten
I have always appreciated your musical skills since 2014 when I remixed one of y...
Sun, Mar 11 7:25 AM Quarkstar review of Dwarf Planet by gurdonark
This is lovely and certainly illustrates your concept, a place alone and lit dim...
Sun, Mar 11 7:15 AM Quarkstar review of Interstellar Reisepass by Speck
I hear the music and imagine it a place like the Cantina in Star Wars, or a bar ...
Sun, Mar 11 7:10 AM Quarkstar review of process (ft. Bluemillenium) by robwalkerpoet
I like how you transformed the music and made your own arrangement, then how apt...
Sun, Mar 11 3:44 AM Quarkstar review of Beluga_NoSushi_Summertime_Sea by zikweb
When I saw Beluga and Zikweb as a pairing I knew I was in for a treat. Cool musi...
Sun, Mar 11 3:41 AM Quarkstar review of The subway in New York by Bluemillenium
I like the imagination that has gone into this.
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