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Reviews left by PhinkTink

Thu, Oct 6 4:52 AM PhinkTink review of Harmony by Snowflake
A really impressive one. Thank you so much for giving this to me/us.
Thu, May 26 6:22 PM PhinkTink review of It's Your Turn (The Key) by Zep Hurme
Very nice. It's goin straight to my head. The vocal is very nice.
Thu, May 26 6:18 PM PhinkTink review of The Key by Snowflake
so great. A totally impressive song. Nice piano line and the vocal fits absolute...
Thu, May 26 6:14 PM PhinkTink review of E.SoX feat. Malcolm Lovett - Don't let friends by E_SoX
Nice houseish tune. like the bassline and chords. Great vocal work too. Sounds s...
Thu, Jan 13 2:11 PM PhinkTink review of Share Ur Kandy by Leza Boyland
awesome... this one inspires me. Very nice. And, yes, your voice is great. I hop...
Wed, Apr 28 3:35 PM PhinkTink review of Ana Pettinari - El ciclo by zonaindie
thx for this incredible voice/sample. i actually try to use it in a pop/latin so...
Wed, Apr 28 12:20 AM PhinkTink review of Shannon Hurley - Life Is Strange (Bone Remix Instrumental) by Marera
nice moody track. Before i hit the play button i was confused by the 170bpm info...
Wed, Apr 28 12:08 AM PhinkTink review of The Crime by RUIN
...nothin' left to say.
Wed, Apr 28 12:07 AM PhinkTink review of Fortune by lambrase
nice composition, sweet choosen instruments, the vocal fits and the complete tun...
Tue, Apr 27 11:55 PM PhinkTink review of A TRIBUTE TO MAKKROSS by Bocrew
unbeatable... this one is amazing, seems like i found my next "nonstop-playin" n...
Tue, Apr 27 11:49 PM PhinkTink review of Speak Your Heart (Critical Lies Mix) by i2b
some parts are confusing me (cowbell sound [i think it is one]) but at all it is...
Tue, Apr 27 11:46 PM PhinkTink review of Food-chain by Fireproof_Babies
nice, nicer, etc. the drums are fine and vocal is sittin tight. nice tune.
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