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Fri, May 26 2:39 PM timberman review of The Road (reworked 2023) by Bluemillenium
Cher ami, c'est absolument adorable. Si tendre, émotif et doux. J'aimerais bien...
Thu, Jun 30 1:21 AM timberman review of blue heart stone by urmymuse
Cheers, Simon, hope all is well. Just checked in here randomly and found this. ...
Thu, Feb 11 5:37 AM timberman review of Endure by Anchor
Hi Jaff, Slightly late to the party here. What a lovely pairing you've made. Gla...
Sat, Feb 25 11:35 AM timberman review of curve by urmymuse
Absolutely lovely, Simon. Love the tone of the guitars (as always). I was real...
Mon, Feb 13 4:57 AM timberman review of Curved remix by martinsea
Great! I'll forward this to James so he gets the chance to listen.
Sat, Jan 21 10:05 AM timberman review of Anywhere, Everywhere by Kara Square honest, so adorable. All love to both of you.
Sun, Jan 15 12:59 AM timberman review of The road by Bluemillenium
Don't know what to say really. You've must have spent an enormous amount of time...
Mon, Dec 26 8:17 AM timberman review of Scintillating Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Your usual reliable craftsmanship
Mon, Dec 26 8:11 AM timberman review of Merry Christmas Morons by Speck
You seem angry and rightly so. At the same time I can't help being worried about...
Mon, Dec 26 7:27 AM timberman review of Heads Held High feat. Timberman by Mr. Pepino
Hey David, the backing track is very nice and floats along nicely to the vocal. ...
Fri, Dec 23 11:01 PM timberman review of Hey 2016 by Speck
Your singing just gets better and better.
Fri, Dec 23 11:00 PM timberman review of Hey 2016 (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
I think this track is a marriage made in heaven. Speck's great voice & lyrics fr...
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