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Reviews left by Killbotz

Sun, Jul 25 11:53 PM Killbotz review of Music Improvement by Blake
great. I like the space that the snare occupies, and all the little synth flour...
Sun, Jul 25 11:51 PM Killbotz review of Get On It by Blake
epic stuff. Very contemporary sounding. Nicely layered
Sun, Jul 25 4:49 PM Killbotz review of I Dont Hurt My Love (pseudo-format Mix) by Vidian
Fri, Jul 23 4:45 PM Killbotz review of Think about the ABC by Awkward_tom
I know its been said already but it is pretty awesome the way these drums snap s...
Fri, Jul 23 4:38 PM Killbotz review of Everything by morgantj
frantic and melodic. Very cool energy
Fri, Jul 23 4:31 PM Killbotz review of Revolver by marcinn
Very fun and smart track
Mon, Mar 16 8:27 PM Killbotz review of To the Rescue by ScOmBer
very cool, definitely has a stranded on a lifeboat feel.
Tue, Mar 10 12:10 AM Killbotz review of unfin feat tritonic by turkdirty
Great. very warm. Sort of reminds of Hercules and the love affair. Which is ja...
Mon, Jul 9 8:19 PM Killbotz review of We Are Not Evil [2ndCuttdRMX]] by tripledoubler
very ominous jazzy feel. Kind of makes me feel like I'm listening to a minimali...
Mon, Jul 9 12:33 AM Killbotz review of Angels by bombero
the beat is great, reminds me of something off the Dr. Octagon or Project Polaro...
Mon, Jul 9 12:10 AM Killbotz review of Sick As My Dawg (Remix) by Abhi S.V.
I Love the arrangement. I think its my favorite mix using this vocal. The viol...