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Sun, Apr 4 2:11 PM DISTROKER review of Feeling Good by Blake
Nice vibes!
Tue, May 26 9:17 AM DISTROKER review of El Estilo Es Kruzial: La Remezcla! by wellman
Well done too bro, your beat is tight and fit well with the lyrics! Peace
Wed, Apr 1 8:50 AM DISTROKER review of Afroganic - Nadey (DjiZ remix) by Kwame
Yeah great track ! Pour un debut c'est plutot pas mal, j'aurais juste vu une ...
Tue, Aug 5 9:33 AM DISTROKER review of Skylight (Where I stand) by Morusque
THis mix of samples is simply MAGIC!! great stuff!
Tue, Aug 5 9:22 AM DISTROKER review of EXT. INTERIOR by simonlittlefield
I like the dark ambiant in this track, the effect are simply greats!!!
Tue, Aug 5 9:13 AM DISTROKER review of April (Calendargirl/Nurykabe mashup) by Meat_Raffle
Very sweet mix....
Sun, Jun 8 6:18 AM DISTROKER review of Let's get it by remaxim
Hey cool beat,great inspiration!
Tue, Apr 1 8:45 AM DISTROKER review of Do What I Want by karmickill
Fantastic work!! I really like the dark ambiant of the track and the effets on t...
Tue, Apr 1 8:41 AM DISTROKER review of Keep it Poppin' by karmickill
Nice one! the drums give an old school effet really interesting!
Tue, Apr 1 8:38 AM DISTROKER review of popping over here (remiremix version) by remiremix
You've made a great beat for this pells!! specially the drums!
Sun, Mar 30 7:43 AM DISTROKER review of The Joy Of Sentience by Anchor
Incredible souns!! fit very well with the pells!
Sun, Mar 2 3:11 AM DISTROKER review of Get Living featuring Innabar (Nostalgie Air) by Djahani
I like this minimal electro style, the work you made with the different pellas i...
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