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Sun, May 13 6:23 AM CptCrunch review of from the BX Remix FORENSIC STYLE by FORENSIC
Damn that's tight - Love it
Sat, Apr 28 7:24 AM CptCrunch review of "Hip-Hop" by cdk
Hi quality mix - one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time
Sat, Apr 28 7:14 AM CptCrunch review of Whatever/beat two the sun by Bocrew
Nice - really laid back - great keys
Sat, Apr 7 4:08 AM CptCrunch review of Graphic Design by Tomas PhUsIoN
Great mix -well cool
Sun, Apr 1 5:14 AM CptCrunch review of Missing You (Plead to the Symphony) by cdk
It's early on a Sunday morning (11:00am!) and I'm still in bed, streaming CCmixt...
Sun, Apr 1 4:59 AM CptCrunch review of Dedicated (The dirtywater remix) by J.Lang
Nice work -very laid back
Sat, Mar 31 12:02 PM CptCrunch review of My Turn (Chizhik mix) by DJ.E-State
Very Nice chilled out mix - I like :)
Sat, Mar 31 6:05 AM CptCrunch review of Whatever ( I can't Use It ) Feat Tru_Ski & G'Wills by J.Lang
Nice mix Mr Lang - one for the MP3 player me thinks
Sat, Mar 31 6:02 AM CptCrunch review of The Cheese (almost live ratrace mix) by plurgid
Nice - Nothing cheesy about this one ;)
Sun, Mar 11 4:24 PM CptCrunch review of the Boudy Groove interlude (instru) by Bocrew
Cool mix :) - I agree with the previous comments - this is crying out for a good...
Sun, Mar 11 4:02 PM CptCrunch review of February (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
wow - great mix I wish I could do something as good as that in 3 days' lets al...
Sun, Mar 11 3:54 PM CptCrunch review of Just One Night (K's Soul Kiss Mix) by KCentric
Smooth - I'm vibin, I'm vibin ;)
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