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Reviews left by AIR_LOMEG

Wed, Dec 13 12:27 PM AIR_LOMEG review of Miles Away (Scandinavian Winter) by Speck
hmmm....i don't know if you're literate in that language of a swede speaking a s...
Mon, Jun 25 3:28 AM AIR_LOMEG review of I Heart Your Brain (heroic mix) by Hans Atom
Gorgeous epic pop rock of 'ze best!!! I too thought it was about zombies... frie...
Mon, Jun 25 3:28 AM AIR_LOMEG review of I Heart Your Brain by Kara Square
Mon, Jun 25 3:07 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Stand To by Speck
Very controlled and smoothly mastered!
Thu, Jun 21 4:16 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Sing Mama Sing (Summer Sol Mix) by duckett
what a great easy summer thing! such lovely vibes! evocative and sensual! love t...
Thu, Jun 21 4:09 AM AIR_LOMEG review of wishes by rocavaco
such a great match and timeless beauty! servus, roca :)
Thu, Jun 21 3:59 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Falling by Snowflake
sexy is as sexy does and the featured romantic sensual love falling on a key of ...
Mon, Jun 18 8:14 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Rainforest - Cardboard Love by DJStupid
what you did here is great and suits anchor/jaff just perfect! wonderful and ver...
Mon, Jun 18 8:02 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Being Human by Vidian
Glorious Cool and Freshly Human! I love this track!!!
Mon, Jun 18 7:48 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Escaping Time As Time Escapes Itself by DFF_Sound_System
great journey and you do lead us on! love the way you handle transitions. get's ...
Mon, Jun 18 7:39 AM AIR_LOMEG review of Cold Caller (Vo1k1 Poem Mix) by vo1k1
such a wonderful match! perfect symbiosis!!!
Mon, Jun 18 7:32 AM AIR_LOMEG review of It's That Same Old Thing by copperhead
from punk to motown and the crowd follows you within an instant. surpassed talen...
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