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Tangible Meaning of Life (Vo1k1 Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 10:57 AM
FeaturingAlexBeroza, SackJo22, Kaer Trouz
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A secret mixter remix of AlexBeroza. Alex is super prolific! Snippets of the SackJo22 “White Cube” spoken word kept popping out while I worked on this, so I went with it and embraced a couple of phrases. Also, the Kaer Trouz vocalizations were embedded in one of Alex’s mixes, and I went with them as well. In these secret mixters, I like to use as much of the assignment as possbile. In this case, it was easy as Alex has uploaded so many instrumental versions. One of the things that I find particularly enjoyable about these remixes is listening really hard to what someone else has been doing. It feels like you can get a really good view of someone’s musical perspective. Which can be both inspiring and good for learning different music techniques and expressions. Alex’s instrumental beds were tricky to work with at first - they have so much character that at first, my remix was just sounding like a DJ set. So I started hunting amongst the heads, tails, and breakdowns for material. I ended up putting a stake down in a segment of the Deflated and Alone mix, and then worked backwards from there to the beginning of this remix. This remix was a lot of fun - I tried to pull something together that clearly sounded like Alex - with a big spacious vibe.

"Tangible Meaning of Life (Vo1k1 Mix)"
by vo1k1

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Editorial pick

vo1k1 shares the tangible meaning of life through music, groove, voice and rhythm. a remix of Alex Beroza, this track and its various soundscapes deserves listening exploration.

featuring the vocals of SackJo22 and Kaer Trouz, Tangible Meaning of Life is certain to inspire the ears.