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Copyright Criminals - Fragments

uploaded: Tue, Mar 14, 2006 @ 5:46 PM
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At the request of CDK - Vocal parts from my Copyright Criminals Track, also some guitar and synth thrown in.

See my Copyright Criminals competition entry for song lyrics, and to listen, even ;)

If you’d like any other exports let me know, enjoy :)
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /copyright_criminals-verse1_vocal_dry.mp3 (1.02MB)
  • /copyright_criminals-crazysynth_verse.mp3 (643.73KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-crazysynth_chorus.mp3 (643.73KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-chorus_vocal.mp3 (884.59KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-acoustic_guitar_verse_rhythm.mp3 (643.73KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-acoustic_guitar_intro_and_verse1.mp3 (1.26MB)
  • /copyright_criminals-acoustic_guitar_chorus_rhythm.mp3 (643.73KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-acoustic_electric_chorusverse_rhythm-01.mp3 (643.73KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-verse3_vocal_dry.mp3 (964.68KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-verse3_vocal.mp3 (964.68KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-verse2_vocal_dry.mp3 (1,005.02KB)
  • /copyright_criminals-verse2_vocal.mp3 (1,005.02KB)

"Copyright Criminals - Fragments"
by tacet

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