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Sax samples from"I like it like That"(s.thaens)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 18, 2007 @ 5:39 AM
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These are the original sax samples(mp3) from “

I made two maps(folders)
One map of the samples with the melody and one of the solos.
They are all MP3 (320kbps), but if you want it in wav, ask me and I will give you.


Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Solos"Ilikeitlikethat"/._Sax alt Solo.mp3 (70)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Solos"Ilikeitlikethat"/Sax alt Solo.mp3 (1.33MB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Solos"Ilikeitlikethat"/Sax tenor solo1.mp3 (1.30MB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Solos"Ilikeitlikethat"/._Sax tenor solo1.mp3 (70)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Solos"Ilikeitlikethat"/._Sax Tenor Solo2.mp3 (70)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Solos"Ilikeitlikethat"/Sax Tenor Solo2.mp3 (633.72KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/._gitaar(melodie).mp3 (1.39KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/gitaar(melodie).mp3 (809.23KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/._Orginal Melody mix(sax1&2&guitar).mp3 (1.39KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/Orginal Melody mix(sax1&2&guitar).mp3 (786.00KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/._Sax Tenor1(melody).mp3 (1.39KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/Sax Tenor1(melody).mp3 (785.76KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/._Sax Tenor2(melody).mp3 (1.39KB)
  • /Sax Samples(mp3)from "ilikeitlikethat"/Sax&guitar Samples"melody"from'Ilikeitlikethat'/Sax Tenor2(melody).mp3 (785.76KB)

"Sax samples from"I like it like That"(s.thaens)"
by stefsax

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