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This Winter

uploaded: Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 1:18 PM last modified: Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 1:21 PM  (add)
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At a time of traditional celebration, I’d have to be blind to ignore the suffering, changes and division in our world. One thing seems certain, the only way to evolve through and beyond it all, is to do so together.

I recorded this little ditty on my Kurzweil PC88 (my good keyboard is on the fritz!). I played the sleigh-bells live (thus a little loose on time).

This Winter

This winter is feeling colder
This winter the night has come
To wrap us all in silver starlight
This winter could be the one

Where peace lives beyond imagination
With release of divided condemnation
With complete hope beyond a hesitation
To stand all together

This winter it’s getting warmer
At the North Pole and deep within
With warnings sounding all around us
This winter we just might begin

To make a change part of daily conversation
Increase our positive meditation
And cease all this needless degradation
To stand all together

For love and light
For love and life

We are circles concentric
Notes in one symphony
Our puzzle grows allometric
Pieces all connected just like you and me

This winter
This winter stand together
This winter
Take my hand and make a stand together

For love and light
For love and life
For love and light
For love and life

Let’s stand together this winter
Stand together this winter
Stand up together this winter
Take my hand and make a stand together
This winter

key of C

verse: C, am, F
chorus: C, F
bridge: G, am, G/b, C
G, am, F, G7

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"This Winter"
by Snowflake

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