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uploaded: Sat, May 5, 2018 @ 2:23 AM
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About nine years ago (sorry I’m not very good with dates), I met a woman that would transform my life forever.
Her name is Sarah, known as Sassygal on this website.

A friend the other day said to me;
“Gaz, you really have the perfect life.”

After dismissing it in an instant, I later paused to reflect that he was really pretty accurate.

I have the perfect woman in my life (now my wife), I live a stones throw from a river set in the most pristine wilderness in Australia only 50km from the Sydney CBD, I have a wonderful family. I have the perfect job and even though I am nearly 50 years old, I have more energy and optimism than I had at age 21.
I owe it all to my beautiful wife Sarah. Without her rescuing me from a life of unsustainable surf, bachelor pizza and beer I suspect I would not be around anymore.

Here’s a song to her from my heart, written in the very early days of our relationship, when I was unsure and scared of what the future may hold.


There’s a time
when there aint words enough
to show you how I care
Don’t say the words
“I love you”
as often as I dare

‘cause if I had another dollar
for each time it had been said
oh I’d be a Rockafella
Linda Lovelace in my bed

Oh but Sarah!
Since I met you I’ve been led
to a place
where there’s fireworks in my head!

Well you said I’d never write a love song
if my heart was dead
but my winter over
ice is melting
time to look ahead
- from those hollow words
I’ve said before
at times before we met
(I didn’t understand what’s real
no standard had been set)

before Sarah
you say the words that must be said
though it frightens me,
(it really frightens me)
my emotions on a thread

Because Sarah
no other woman I am sure
can’t come close to you
and my smile I can’t ignore

when I’m with Sarah
there’s a light outside my door
that’s shining bright
through darkest night
just say the word I’m yours


No other woman I am sure
can’t come close to you
just say the word I’m yours!
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