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Go (Climb upon the Breadknife)

uploaded: Tue, Feb 16, 2010 @ 11:12 PM
FeaturingBoHeart, Mirko Michalzik, onlymeith, Subliminal and Afrit
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Track 3 from my newly released cc licensed serialized fiction sci fi-fantasy e novel/concept album - “Mirror Mirror”
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Go (Climb upon the Breadknife)

Climbing up the mountain slope
for forty thousand years
footsteps of my father worn
collect the raindrops near

I climb upon the breadknife
I know my time is near
prophet for all human kind
a burden that I fear

Go Go

Feel the Earth
beneath my feet
touch a dream
my fate

I know dark clouds
will gather round me
I chose a path
that’s rough and steep
Where stars shine high
like those before me
with earthen brown
wash oceans deep

I’m going there
to meet my father
he said I’ll know
which way to go.
and now my past
stretched out before me
no its time
I have to go

Go Go Go Go

I’m going there
to meet my father
he said I’ll know
which way to go.
And for my people
that lay before me
guess it’s time
I’ll have to know

And all those people
who waited for me
I guess its time
I’ll have to show.

Scomber 2010

"Go (Climb upon the Breadknife)"
by ScOmBer

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