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suburban desert

uploaded: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 @ 2:11 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 8:52 AM  (add)
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update 24-Jan-2012: added instrumental pack

Had a lot to do for that whole new setup after Christmas - Win7 64bit, Cubase 6, NI Komplete 8 … but now I’m able to make remixes with 120 bpm and probably even faster! lol

My daughter loves dubstep so I had to make something other than my usual boring ballads. She is not fully convinced by the result but said I’m going at least into the right direction … that’s more than I could hope.

Great voice by the great Kristin Hersh.

It took some time to find out how to create these synth growls. To safe your time I uploaded a “growl pack” with wav files and NI Massive presets used. Maybe you like to experiment with it.

Desert wind from freesound: wind1.wav (2690__anton__wind1)

KRAIT by Kristin Hersh

in a suburban desert
a fast food high
we swipe at peeling paint
swat away flies

the crawling milk-fed
squawking cream-filled

immune to broken - immune to broken
to wasted time - to naked shame
to bolts of lightning - to bolts of lightning

bungee together
your body’s guards
the bloodiest bond
blacking out the dark

the darkest flame - to broken flame
the darkest waltz - to broken waltz
a sun burnt snarl - to sun burnt snarls
thrashing and parched - thrashing and parched

a singular desire
to drive into the dirt
no lust, no gluttony
we’re free as algae

those with an all-consuming passion in lockstep

Contents of ZIP Archive: Growl Pack

  • /Krait-Kombat.nmsv (2.77KB)
  • /Krait-Skrx.nmsv (2.83KB)
  • /Krait-Talking.nmsv (2.73KB)
  • /Massive_Destruktor_2 -.wav (2.99MB)
  • /Massive_Kombat_1 -.wav (3.03MB)
  • /Massive_Kombat_2 -.wav (2.99MB)
  • /Massive_Skrx_1 -.wav (3.03MB)
  • /Massive_Skrx_2 -.wav (2.99MB)
  • /Massive_Talking_1 -.wav (3.03MB)
  • /Massive_Talking_2 -.wav (2.99MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Instrumental

  • /Suburban Desert Guitar -.flac (6.74MB)
  • /Suburban Desert Instrumental -.flac (22.51MB)

"suburban desert"
by rocavaco

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