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Don't You THink That I

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Ivan your awesome!! I don’t know if you noticed all the recommends you started getting from me? Watch this space….You’re a beast!

Made Some Decisions
In my life
Some Bad
Some Good

Now Here
In this moment
I’m oh so

Feeling pressure
From all sides
Nowhere to run

All run out
Thinking about
Reaching for
That gun

Don’t you think
That I
Stop caring about you

But sometimes life
Uses you up
And finishes you

Don’t you think
That I
Stop caring
For you

Sometimes I want
To Throw my hands up
Cause I only
Want the best
For you

Trying to hold on
To all that I got
Maintaining all sanity

But you see
These Demons
In my mind

Make me loose grip
Of reality

These voices
Are calling me out

Instilling all kinds
Of doubt

But the more
I try and focus

This stupor wants
To control us

Don’t you think
That I
Stop loving you

My emotions
Are all torn up
Standing here
So confused

Don’t you think
That I
Don’t want you

Hoping you understand
That life’s
Pulled up a stool

Don’t you think
That I

"Don't You THink That I"
by mykleanthony

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