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MLO Sample Pack 2

uploaded: Sun, Aug 23, 2009 @ 6:49 AM last modified: Sun, Aug 23, 2009 @ 6:53 AM  (add)
BPM94 - 95
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MLO Sample Pack 2 contains original loops from episodes 11 - 22 of the MoShang live Online Podcast.

There are 58 jazzy downbeat loops grouped into Music, Bass, Sax and Beats folders. The samples from the Music, Bass and Sax folders work together as mini-construction kits.

Due to the 10MB upload restriction, these samples are in 256 kbps MP3 format, but a 135MB zipped version with 24bit, 44.1kHz WAV-files is available for free download here:

In case you want to make use of these samples in a commercial production, a commercial license is available for $9.95 USD here:


Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /MoShang BASS/01_ASK_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/02_BUSTER_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/03_CAIRO_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/04_DESCENDANTS_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/05_ELEMENTARY_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/06_FROZEN_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/07_GRAINS_mb.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/08_HELIOS_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/09_IRRADIATE_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/10_JUPITER_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/11_KINGDOM_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/12_LITHE_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/13_MOODS_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/14_NODDY_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/15_OBERON_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/16_PRAGMATIC_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/17_QUARRY_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/18_RUSTY_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/19_SLITHER_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/20_TENOR_bs_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/21_UNDERSTATED_bs_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/22_VERBAL_bs_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/23_WINTER_b_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/24_XENOPHILE_b_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/25_YAM_b_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BASS/26_ZONURE_b_94.mp3 (318.68KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /MoShang BEATS/01_AACHEN_94bpm.mp3 (161.94KB)
  • /MoShang BEATS/02_BEADS_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BEATS/03_CAVITY_94.mp3 (161.94KB)
  • /MoShang BEATS/04_DELVER_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang BEATS/05_EMBOSS_94.mp3 (321.94KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /MoShang MUSIC/01_ASK_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/02_BUSTER_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/03_CAIRO_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/04_DESCENDANTS_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/05_ELEMENTARY_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/06_FROZEN_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/07_GRAINS_mb.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/08_HELIOS_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/09_IRRADIATE_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/10_JUPITER_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/11_KINGDOM_mb_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/12_LITHE_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/13_MOODS_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/14_NODDY_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/15_OBERON_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/16_PRAGMATIC_mb_94.mp3 (641.13KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/17_QUARRY_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/18_RUSTY_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang MUSIC/19_SLITHER_mb_94.mp3 (321.94KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /MoShang SAX/01_ASK_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/02_BUSTER_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/03_CAIRO_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/04_DESCENDANTS_mbs_95.mp3 (318.68KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/05_ELEMENTARY_mbs_95.mp3 (634.59KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/20_TENOR_bs_94.mp3 (641.13KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/21_UNDERSTATED_bs_94.mp3 (321.94KB)
  • /MoShang SAX/22_VERBAL_bs_94.mp3 (641.13KB)

"MLO Sample Pack 2"
by MoShang

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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