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Biodiesel Family

uploaded: Sun, Jan 3, 2010 @ 10:58 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 3, 2010 @ 11:12 AM  (add)
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This song is for all the good folks involved in the biodiesel culture here in the US and abroad. I’m honored to say that they’re my friends as well. Making music with the ccMixter community for the Biodiesel community—it just feels good!

Put on your overalls, your cowboy hat, and start up the tractor for this one ;-)

Key of A major:
.zip 320 mp3 files contain some acoustic and electric guitar samples and a vocal harmony


Annie Nelson, Kelly King, Woody, Willie and Emily
There all about Sustainability in the biodiesel family
Joe Jobe Donnell and Tom Verry, DougWhitehead and Manning Feraci
Are working hard Washington D.C. for the biodiesel

Sometimes we act like the Hatfields and McCoy’s
Sometimes we party like we’re drunk cowboys
Tell your Momma and your Papa too
Biodiesel is for me and it’s for you.

Change the fuel lines in your Mercedes Benz
Like Janis Joplin we must make amends
So tell your Momma and your Papa too
Biodiesel is for me and you

Darrell Hanna and Ed Begley, The Prince of Wales and the US Navy
They Demonstrate reliability
For the Biodiesel Family
Josh Tickell made and his famous movie, The astronuat from I dream of Jennie
Jason Hoar and Russell Gerhke
They’re in the Biodiesel Family

Transesterfication doesn’t mean you like Lou Reed
Virgin oil feed stock isn’t in Playboy magazine
You can tell you Momma and you Papa too
Biodiesel is for me and its for you

Let’s plant Jatropha along the railroad tracks
Its smells like french fries and it doesnt burn so black
So tell your momma and your papa too
Biodiesel is for me and it’s for you.

Margaret Farrow and Melissa Hardy Ace, Novella and Jennifer Radtke.
run a co-op community
for the Biodiesel Family
The National Parks and the NBB, the SBA and IATP
are all creating new policy
For the Biodiesel family.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_electiricGTRfills.MP3 (8.69MB)
  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_acousticRythym.MP3 (9.28MB)
  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_acousticslide.MP3 (873.47KB)
  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_acousticmelody.MP3 (858.16KB)
  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_male_harmony.MP3 (8.59MB)
  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_maleVOX.MP3 (8.56MB)
  • /Biodiesel_Family_stems/BioDiesel_Family_roughmix.MP3 (9.49MB)

"Biodiesel Family"
by spinningmerkaba

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Creative Commons
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