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Hotel Window Overlooks the Parking Lot

uploaded: Sat, Oct 17, 2015 @ 12:33 PM
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It’s closing in on midnight and you just can’t sleep. Too much commotion from the day before still hangs over you, and more to come roughly six and a half hours from now.

And it won’t stop raining!

You look out your window only to be greeted by a view of the parking lot, followed by the backside of the adjacent building, relatively clean of graffiti but nonetheless looking entirely unkept. It used to be a department store, until the gigantic shopping district landed, seemingly overnight, on the far edge of the otherwise unfashionable end of town.

Now, this place called “main street” suddenly has a hint of dark sarcasm in it’s name. Everything’s closed, except for the gas station. Maybe you’d eventually hit a Tim Horton’s further down the road, but it doesn’t seem worth putting up with the weather to get there. You’ll have to go looking in the morning.

You watch some kids scurry about in search of a rather shoddy hiding place, and proceed to pass around a small joint. At no point do they realize they’re being watched.

You close the curtains and head back into bed, putting on your headphones and repeating your breathing exercises for a third time. You’ve only got six hours and fifteen minutes left, you’ve got to at least try to make it count.

"Hotel Window Overlooks the Parking Lot"
by jaspertine

2015 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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